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The growing acceptance of digital channels has resulted in increased ecommerce focus. Brands are not only marketing their products and services online but also to selling them. Internet usage and smartphone ownership rates are rising worldwide, and customers are steadily willing to do everything from analysis to final purchase through online channel. For brands, cracking the right code for E-commerce channel optimization has become an essential part. We, at Rholab heavily focus on moving brick & mortar brands into effective digital space and drive their complete e-commerce lifecycle.

Web Development

Web development process is not a one-step process; it requires proper preparation, process building and highly skilled people with the right knowledge of the latest technologies which unlocks the potential of your future online prospective.

Profilic Web Development

We will build your website as per your wish! It can take your website to the top with our experience and our greater insight into the industry by making it highly productive and beneficial for your business. What we want to deliver to our customers are the best functional websites as per your requirement which help them to build their traffic and boost their business.

E-Commerce Web Development

Having an online presence is essential in today’s world so you could have the full control and responsibility for your brand’s narrative. We help you in developing a powerful platform for controlling your business image, product pricing and end-to-end customer-experience by having your own ecommerce site. Rholab uses the world’s leading ecommerce software platform to build your online store which helps you build your strong online presence. We use powerful platforms for your e-commerce web store development which includes woocommerce, shopify, magento and other effective solutions.


Rholab partners with best hosting solutions that provides secure, flexible, and inexpensive hosting, one of the best cloud computing services on the market. We automate testing, track warnings and collect reports to ensure that your platform is always up-to-date and running. Your website should always be open unlike any other physical store.


Your website needs the right approach for ensuring your high-level maintenance as the Internet is ever-changing and diverse. Rholab removes the hassle of setting up or upgrading your content, web portal servers, storage, load balancing and managing the overall infrastructure of your website.

B2B E-Commerce Solution (BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS)

Make your business a B2B one with Rholab’s effective strategies and solutions and reach a wider audience with ease. Business-to-business ecommerce has its own set of challenges and requires various features to meet the demands of customers such as company registration, customized catalog views, pricing structure, extensive payment options and easy reordering. Enable online booking of your products through your personalized B2B E-commerce platform and get the best of your business potential and align your logistics accordingly.