Software Development

The growing acceptance of digital channels has resulted in increased eCommerce focus. Brands are not only marketing their products and services online but also to selling them. Internet usage and smartphone ownership rates are rising worldwide, and customers are steadily willing to do everything from analysis to final purchase through online channel. For brands, cracking the right code for eCommerce channel optimization has become an essential part. We, at Rholab heavily focus on moving brick & mortar brands into effective digital space and drive their complete eCommerce lifecycle.

UI/UX Design

Rholab has a solid experience in web development and custom UI / UX. Regardless of the size of an organization or the industry in which it resides, our heroes are expert in web development services and mobile application development services to handle various business operations in manufacturing, eCommerce, education and other industries. Our unique design approaches meet the needs of vast organizations, companies and small businesses. Our discovery and brainstorming session let you take a deep dive into your project’s milestones. Our sole purpose is to collect important knowledge about the project so we can obtain a high level view of the project. We will then develop a roadmap according to which we will collaborate with you on your creative UI / UX / web / mobile design ideas and partner with you on every aspect of it. We follow simple steps to deliver a quality work :

  1. First, we will begin by creating the wireframes that will be submitted to the client for their approval.
  2. Once the basic elements are developed and the input of the clcient is taken into account, then we add all the required elements which are defined in the specifications
  3. Testing the product intuitively and find for any glitches or bugs that might affect the user experience.
  4. Finally, we will make sure that the mockups delivered reflect your company, your product, and services that you are offering in the best way possible.