eCommerce Channel Optimization

The growing acceptance of digital channels has resulted in increased eCommerce focus. Brands are not only marketing their products and services online but also to selling them. Internet usage and smartphone ownership rates are rising worldwide, and customers are steadily willing to do everything from analysis to final purchase through online channel. For brands, cracking the right code for eCommerce channel optimization has become an essential part. We, at Rholab heavily focus on moving brick & mortar brands into effective digital space and drive their complete eCommerce lifecycle.

eCommerce Sales Optimization

eCommerce optimization is defined as a system-wide improvement of your eCommerce Eco system so that all focus is put into the facilitation of greater and faster sales. The average eCommerce conversion rate falls between 1% and 3% on a global scale. Rholab ensures you have a great conversion tactic for eCommerce is to ensure that your brand has positive ratings and reviews. This way your brand can have a much-needed social proof for an eCommerce conversion boost.

SLGR Formula

Our SLGR (Sell, Learn, Grow & Repeat) mantra thrives us to achieve growth perspective throughout our sales cycle. We help you to identify your best sales outcome and proposition with a potential online retailer relevant to your category. Analyzing results in real time and suggesting best bundle or discount offer for your brand and category. Retargeting the core and experimenting with new trends.

Subscription Commerce

Join global brands in raising revenue by increasing customer loyalty and retention rates for their brands. Rholab takes care of everything, including subscription trading technological development and all order management as well as repeated billing. Amazon Prime is the world’s largest subscription trading service for diapers and razors. Dollar Shave Club constructed their entire business around subscription trade.

B2B Commerce

Save money, and meet your shoppers ‘ demands. Your business can benefit with the development of pure-play B2B business to automate and facilitate online purchasing of goods. Discovering and applying the most effective strategies and patterns retailers use to reach the B2B customers today.

Customer Care

Rholab has a dedicated and experienced team of customer care experts ready to help shoppers at any moment. Our team will support your customers throughout their buying cycle journey from alternative calls to live chats. Helping your customers to up sell newly launched products through eCommerce.

International Cross Border eCommerce

Want to expand your brand internationally or sell through Amazon or other profound international players, Our specialists will help your business–no matter the size–sell across oceans by reducing international payment problems and long shipping times and language. Become a credible and reliable source so your customers around the globe will choose to buy first from you.