eCommerce Channel Optimization

The growing acceptance of digital channels has resulted in increased eCommerce focus. Brands are not only marketing their products and services online but also to selling them. Internet usage and smartphone ownership rates are rising worldwide, and customers are steadily willing to do everything from analysis to final purchase through online channel. For brands, cracking the right code for eCommerce channel optimization has become an essential part. We, at Rholab heavily focus on moving brick & mortar brands into effective digital space and drive their complete eCommerce lifecycle.

eCommerce Channel Framework

Several organizations are uncertain whether an online approach is appropriate for them. Our team of experienced eCommerce experts will help guide your market entry plan for Pakistani market & beyond. Helping you to determine whether an eCommerce channel is the right place to sell your goods and meet a broader client base.


Figure out how a website can push foot traffic to it if you have an offline shop and collect useful consumer data or listing your brand to other online retailers. Our experts can integrate all your platforms, so you can provide your consumers with a consistent brand experience anywhere, anywhere. To ensure a smooth, shopping experience, we optimize every touch point between your brand and its customers.

eCommerce Training

Keep your team upgraded by researching best practices from through our in eCommerce experts, training sessions and video tutorials. Customize the courses to make them more successful in influencing the squad.

E-marketplace Shop in Shop

Rholab works with top online retailers as Daraz, Goto, Hummart, Amazon, etc. More than 90% of Rholab’s customers have an official brand shop on Daraz, the top E- marketplace in Pakistan. Our team is able to handle your company effectively across distinct marketplaces while preserving brand integrity with our channel management capabilities.

Content & Catalog Management

Upsize and higher quality images will increase conversions approximately by 30% and reduce bounce rates by 23%. An eCommerce platform will show its items in the best possible result. At Rholab, our creative professionals’ designs product pictures to put the brand’s best foot forward while maintaining brand character and integrity. All content is developed to meet specific market rules, such as product positioning, product perspective and specifications for image quality. This also applies to product description and SEO-optimized content, so that your goods first appear on most popular marketplaces.

Assortment Management

We’re one of the best service providers on the market that focuses on virtual bundling capabilities of brands. Let your customers buy more of their favorite products by grouping them together to sell online and benefit from the average value of their company’s order (AOV) and upsell your slow-moving assortment.

Hero/Paladin Images

Shoppers hate reading online. 98% of online shoppers make a decision by looking at the hero or primary picture and make their buy / add to basket choice because shoppers consider the details they’ve looked at, and nothing else. Rholab transforms your virtual shelfing by optimizing your pack shots into something more productive and effective. We focus on four important variables while designing your digital pack shots. 1.  Brand 2. Format 3. Variant 4. Size / Count for bundle