eCommerce Channel Optimization

The growing acceptance of digital channels has resulted in increased eCommerce focus. Brands are not only marketing their products and services online but also to selling them. Internet usage and smartphone ownership rates are rising worldwide, and customers are steadily willing to do everything from analysis to final purchase through online channel. For brands, cracking the right code for eCommerce channel optimization has become an essential part. We, at Rholab heavily focus on moving brick & mortar brands into effective digital space and drive their complete eCommerce lifecycle.

eCommerce Campaign Design & Marketing

Rholab invest their energies to determine entire eCommerce lifecycle so that we can understand how to drive customers buying cycle journey from the top of the demand funnel all the way to increasing conversion rates in your shopping cart. We provide a data-driven approach to make sure every campaign is effective and adds to your bottom line.

Campaigns & Promotions

Our business intelligence capabilities ensures that all your advertising campaigns are streamlined by monitoring of data that includes price movements and merchandising patterns so that the company receives insights for a competitive edge when it comes to what your consumers really want. We, at Rholab, understand the importance of brand visibility, which is why Rholab coordinates with marketplaces to ensure prominently feature your promotions and campaigns on their website.

Plan Execution & Design

The one factor that drives customers to make purchases is how your campaigns are planned. What discounts are you offering? What is the value proposition? How is the look and design? Through effective planning and execution, we ensures all brand touchpoints with customers create positive experiences to nurture brand loyalty and brand recall. Integrating your digital assets with call-to-action on relevant online stores where your current campaigns are running.

Joint Business Plan

Joint business planning is intended to provide a collaborative vision, collective transparency and a cohesive work plan. Our team will led through a process based simulation that will help your brand to collaborate with best online retailers to increase profits, sales and growth. This relationship enables brands and online retailers to collaborate for a win-win results.

Digital Shelf Audit & Consulting

With certain ambiguities to optimize your digital shelf, Our expertise can help your business achieve specific goals, whether you’re a small shop or a pure play business in eCommerce. Rholab’s reporting will take you step by step through the progress of your current campaigns and digital shelf initiatives to find areas for optimization.